Kotlin vs Java

Published August 19, 2020 9:29 PM

First to start off they are both great languages to use. Java has been the go to language for developing back-end systems since its inception 20 years ago. However, there have been a lot has changes with the Java ecosystem in the past few years.

Oracle has began to build a wall around Java with their shorter LTS windows and new languages have challenged Java's rule. Google's decision to make Kotlin a first-class language has accelerated its adoption. Kotlin has done right by being a less-verbose, safer Java, which is more new-user friendly than Scala's attempt to avoid any relation to Java. Kotlin code is far more concise than comparable Java code.

Personally I believe there is a place for both languages. Java will continue to be a major player in the software industry for decades to come, but that might not be the case forever, as Kotlin continues to grow. It will be a while before Kotlin adoption gets close to the behemoth that is Java.

Do you program in Kotlin or Java? Let me know your opinion!