Learning React

Published August 19, 2020 11:04 AM

My desire to learn React has been because, after spending a lot of time becoming proficient at making back-end services with the Spring Framework, I felt that is was only natural for me to learn how to be a front-end developer. I want to be able to make all parts of a modern web app myself. Previously I felt intimidated by JavaScript. It's support for functional programming and everything being asynchronous was very challenging for me with my object oriented and synchronous Java experience. As I've become a more senior engineer, I decided to revisit JavaScript through React.

The reason I chose React over other view frameworks is simple. React is very popular in the web development community. There are a lot of alternatives but none of them are as popular in industry settings as React. I started my React journey learning how to make components, both class and functional, manage state, and use props and hooks.

It's been fun and a lot less challenging than it was during the other times I tried to learn.

Share with me your React and JavaScript experiences!